Blue Cross

The brief: Get existing donors to increase their monthly amount or convert to being regular givers, through Direct Mail.

I created two concepts in response to this brief and to view them in full please pop over to my website

Blue Cross Blue Cross

Blue Cross Blue Cross


YCN Student Awards: Interflora

This year, working with a colleague from uni we tackled Interflora’s YCN brief, to boost awareness of Grandparents’ Day amongst younger consumers. Below are some images of the work we produced. To view the whole campaign please head over to my website..

YCN Interflora YCN Interflora

YCN Interflora YCN Interflora

Go Sober For October: Poster Ads

Go Sober For October Poster

(Click to enlarge)

A quick brief in university based on a previous One Minute Brief to create a promotional poster for “Go Sober For October”. For this quick brief I worked with Carly Tuck and we decided to take a more serious route with the ad.

These ads have now been mocked up digitally and are now on my website/portfolio: sarahlouiselong.com/go-sober  

Paddy Power Mishchief



Some of my ideas for a Paddy Power brief, which was to come up with stunt ideas for a number of future sporting events where Paddy Power could create mischief and get the media talking! To see all of my ideas please visit my Behance Portfolio

Write It Right

Sarah Long Behance


A university project where we had to create an integrated campaign in response to “reading”.
I created the idea for a new spelling app that focuses more on homonyms and offers recommended answers and voice input to make it easier to use. The target group is tech savvy 18-25 years, most likely students who rely far too much on technology and things such as predictive text and need help with spelling for their studies. View this work without the watermark and the rest of the campaign on my Behance portfolio.

Advertise World Mental Health Day

Advertise World Mental Health Day

Advert concept based on a One Minute Brief to advertise/promote World Mental Health Day. See the original and winning might I add entry here.