One Minute Briefs Advertise: CBB Furniture on Gumtree

cbb gumtree

My One Minute Brief entry to advertise the Celebrity Big Brother furniture for sale on Gumtree.

“ The UK’s largest classifieds website, is today announcing the sale of over 40 items of furniture from the current Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house, the proceeds of which will go to Crisis, the charity for single homeless people. The move comes as part of Gumtree’s sponsorship of the hit Channel 5 TV show, which also features a series of creative idents of talking furniture.”

View the furniture for yourself here: Or if you’re feeling more sociable check out their Facebook and Twitter page. Finally, view the other entries for this brief or have a ganders at the winning entry which also won £250!



About a month a go those potty-mouthed princesses graced the internet with their presence with FCKH8, the activist tshirt retailer. The video was pretty bold considering it featured little girls swearing like right troopers! (If you need a little reminder then head to my original post on the video.)

This time they’re tackling domestic violence with 100% of the money they get from selling the tops going to domestic violence charities. With their last video they did receive a hell of a lot of backlash, with the video even being temporarily taken off YouTube because of the swearing. However, despite that it was one of the most watched ads of October.

But how successful will this ad be with that to follow? Has the idea of little girls swearing kind of worn of now or is it still engaging and entertaining? I personally imagine it won’t be as successful in terms of views compared to the first video but it is still getting a message out there even if it does ruffle some feathers!

One Minute Briefs: NABS

Nabs xmas card

The brief was to create thank you and/or Christmas card for NABS.

Below is some information on NABS:

Happy Christmas from NABS, it’s thanks to your support, that we are able to continue helping the industry.

“NABS is here to help improve life for those working in the world of advertising and media via the provision of advice, support and career guidance. NABS believes that by supporting people in our industry through good times and bad, we can make working life a bit easier in such a dynamic and volatile industry. Alongside financial grants NABS also offers a wide range of everyday services including career coaching, the NABS Advice Line and workshops covering a range of topics from pressure, confidence and gravitas, to parenting and work/life balance. NABS is funded entirely by voluntary donations from the media and advertising industry it supports.”

My idea/entry is a Christmas card which shows people that NABS is still there for them, even during Christmas. Showing NABS great support to the advertising and media industry whilst wishing them Happy Christmas.

Yo Mama..

I have to say in the last few months Kmart have released some very funny and popular adverts with this ‘Back To School’ one from Draftfcb being the latest. Similar to their previous adverts of using a play on words (Ship My Pants and Big Gas Savings) they’ve used the popular phrase “Yo Mama” but rather then being insults it’s actually compliments and played out by young children in a playground. It is actually pretty funny to watch as you really don’t expect what they’re saying, plus I think they did a great job casting these kids as they do put 100% into it and make it very believable and entertaining!

One Minute Briefs Advertise: Bacon

One Minute Briefs Advertise: Bacon

Last fridays One Minute Brief on Twitter was to advertise bacon! I produced four entries for this including showing how it can be eaten any time of the time and it being a hangover cure. I don’t think my ideas are that strong and could definitely be improved as I have come up with stronger ideas within one minute for other briefs.