Life Is Better With Cake

Mr Kipling Cake Mr Kipling Cake Mr Kipling Cake Mr Kipling Cake

Mr Kipling has launched an exceedingly good series of creative print ads, using their philosophy ‘life is better with cake’. The campaign features iconic Mr Kipling cakes and reminds us, how even those little everyday moments are made better with a piece of delicious cake. The campaign comes from JWT and David Masterman, a creative director at JWT explains how the campaigns aim was to simply “celebrate Mr Kipling’s wonderful little cakes”.


Odd Love Story Ad From Interflora

Despite this ad being for Denmark it has captured attention from all around the world, with a charming but odd love story which has a surprising twist. The ad shows the love a gothic boy has for a popular preppy girl. But I’ll honestly admit, (along with a large percentage of others who have watched this ad) I did not expect the ending. What’s also great is there is no dialogue in the advert at all which makes it universally appealing and who doesn’t love a good love story? It was also refreshing not to see a bouquet of flowers feature in the advert either, which I imagine was a risk for a florist brand to take but I believe this makes the brand even more appealing and the ad more charming.

One Minute Briefs Advertise: Candy Floss

cbb gumtree

My One Minute Brief entry to advertise, candy floss. View the winners ideas here.

One Minute Briefs Advertise: The Social Sasquatch

Social Sasquatch

My One Minute Brief entry to advertise the social media services of The Social Sasquatch.

“The Social Sasquatch team offer support to businesses and organisations that want to market themselves on Facebook and Twitter (and a range of other platforms). We specialise in supporting experiential marketing campaigns and brand activations, where we amplify campaigns through a range of social media channels by creating fresh, exciting, original content that people want to share! We also offer support for other live events such as conferences, music festivals and sporting events.”

For more info on The Social Sasquatch check out their Twitter or Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 15.05.55

St John Ambulance: The Chokeables

I first stumbled across this short ad on Facebook, it had been shared numerous times by a number of mums. I was quite surprised at how quickly it was all over social media in such a few days of being released considering I hadn’t noticed it on my Twitter feed despite following endless accounts relating to the ad industry. But quite rightly so the type of people sharing the ad were the exact target audience – parents. However, I think it does a good job of keeping any old person interested and watching until the end, whether you have kids or not!

Langland Agency Report



For our Introduction into Advertising and Branding lesson we were required to produce a 2,000 word report on an agency with four chapters. Which included introduce the agency and how they fit in the industry, the different roles within the agency, analyse a campaign and finally how the agency links to you as a brand. I chose the agency Langland which specialise in Healthcare and are based in Windsor.

I received a B for my report which I was very pleased as it was the first piece of work I handed in for marking in the first term.

Below is chapter 3 from my report with my analyse of their ‘Exposed’ Campaign.

Psoriasis is a common chronic skin illness which affects over 1 million people in the UK. However, it is a topic that is rarely discussed let alone publicised by the media or any advertising until LEO Pharma contacted Langland. The “campaign had to modify prescribers attitudes towards psoriasis”, (, make psoriasis sufferers more comfortable, less alienated by their illness and most importantly show the connection between Psoriasis and the psychological effect. Langland approached this brief by producing a campaign that included the agency’s first full-length documentary which is called ‘Exposed’ as well as producing other supporting material including a website.

The style of the campaign strongly links to the name ‘Exposed’ because the photo of the lady is set against a very plain and simple back drop allowing her to be fully exposed to the audience which obviously means her psoriasis is exposed too, something that most sufferers try extremely hard to avoid. Even though it is set on a simple back drop it doesn’t look too clinical or hospital-like unlike most adverts of this genre which often don’t engage the audience. But with this campaign I feel it works excellently with the imagery used for a number of reasons. Firstly, it instantly gets the audiences attention simply because she is in her underwear. Secondly, the image of the woman is quite uncomfortable to look at due to her skin condition. The imagery of this campaign works well for a number of reasons, one being that not only does it look quite shocking but also because it has never been shown/advertised to the public like this before, which Langland have really taken advantage of to get the public’s attention as well as a reaction.

I personally love the typography used for the title, ‘Exposed’ because the brush/charcoal-like font really makes the whole advert extremely striking as it contrasts well with the simple background and the image of the woman. It works well with the message of the campaign because they’re trying to make psoriasis something that can be talked about. The typography for the campaign needed to be bold and gritty rather then a formal and refined.

The documentary was a great idea for this campaign and especially having the main focus in it Rena, a psoriasis suffer. This makes it much more personal and believable for the audience rather than a tv advert with actors. It also triggers more of an emotional response amongst viewers because they get to really understand what Rena goes through on a daily basis and how it affects her life. As Rena is essentially ‘one of us’ eg not an actor, the audience will instantly warm to her more then they would an actor because they have more of a connection with her as she is a wife, mother and worker. The campaign was hugely successful especially with awards as it won several of IPA’s Best of Health Awards this year including two silvers for Digital Media and Direct Mail and won gold for best Integrated Idea. Plus, it won two IVCA awards which are the internationally leading awards for digital, video and live event communications. All these awards are an exceptional achievement not just for the agency but the client as well. The campaign received good press as well as it was reported “Exposed is a ground breaking film that highlights psoriasis patients’ experiences of this debilitating condition”. (

A number of staff worked on this campaign including; Ben Gummon: typographer, who also shared the job of Art Director with Andrew Spurgeon (mentioned in chapter 2) who was also Copywriter and Creative Director for the campaign. They used James Routh as Director who is a “critically acclaimed filmmaker with an enviable reputation in the UK television industry.” (