Poo-Pourri: Even Santa Poops

Poo-Pourri greeted the internet well and truly just over a year ago with “Girls Don’t Poop” which was quite frankly bloody hilarious and if you haven’t seen it before 1) Where have you been? 2) What you waiting for – go watch!

A couple of days ago they released a special Christmas ad, featuring the big man himself – Santa. Seeing Santa on the loo is something I think we can all safely say we did not expect to see this Christmas! I don’t think it’s quite as good as their first but it is a refreshing ad to see this time of year and definitely stands out compared to all of the other Christmas ads. It has the standard Poo-Pourri charm, with another witty script with a new edition of three posh English girls.


Girl Fakes Period In New HelloFlo Ad

HelloFlo are back with another hilarious advert. If you didn’t see their last advert around a year ago then you must go and watch it too as it’s equally as funny – I even wrote a post on it!

The ad is comical genius and as they regularly use the word period/vagina/uterus it makes the whole topic a little less taboo and squeamish! It’s obviously very “American” styled but at the end of the day you can’t help but laugh, plus it helps promotes HelloFlo’s subscription package service in a very memorable way.

Funny/Cute Ad From Jell-O


Jell-O is an American food brand, which have released this advert to show it’s still a fun brand after bad sales the year before. It shows a Father giving an insight into what it’s like to be an adult to his young son. The dad’s explanation is played out with the young boy living out his dad’s life in a humorous outfit/wig.

It’s a nice advert that creates a good mood/feeling towards the end when the son says to his dad, “Here. You need this more then me.”, which will most probably either make you smile or laugh.