One Minute Briefs Advertise: Curtains

iphone privacy facebook

The One Minute Brief was to advertise curtains and after recently hearing about Facebooks new privacy settings and a privacy check-up it made me think of that. With the idea that you need to control your privacy on social media and curtains as a visual helps represent this.


Top 5 Brands Dominating The Ice Bucket Challenge


In the last few weeks we have seen the latest social media phenomenon, ‘The Ice Bucket Challenge’ fill up our feeds. Whether it’s celebrities, friends or your very self getting involved, it’s hard not to check Facebook without seeing a video pop up. Gradually, more and more brands have been getting involved, grabbing our attention and trying to put their very own stamp on the challenge. Out of all the videos I have seen below are 5, which really stood our for me. Some due to their creativeness and others simply because I wasn’t expecting it.

1. Old Spice

Old Spice, who pretty much dominate viral videos naturally got in on the action, with a classic response.

2.  Ronald McDonald

Nothing too wacky about this one apart from the fact it’s kind of weird seeing Ronald McDonald tipping water over his head.

3. Samsung Galaxy S5

I think this one is quite possibly my favourite. It’s short and sweet, with very witty copy.

4. Bill Gates

Ok so maybe not a brand per-say but still a great video, that took the ice bucket challenge just that little further.

5. The Simpsons

The Simpsons version cropped up online shortly after Kermit the Frog completed the ice bucket challenge. Already it has got people talking and is quickly becoming a favourite, especially with the many Simpson’s fans out there.


Despite the controvosy and mixed views around the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, it has raised an incredible amount of money. Obviously, many celebrities and brands are using this social media craze to their own free PR advantage, but either way it’s all for a great cause that continues to raise more and more money.

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Apple’s Christmas Ad

The Christmas ad we’ve all been waiting for..

Since early December the exciting and emotional Christmas ads have been all over the web and on our T.V’s. Now I guess you could say fashionably late? Apple have released theirs and I can definitely say it was worth the wait!

Initially, it seems a little odd as it shows a young teenager who is constantly engrossed into his iPhone, which especially at this time of the year seems a little rude (although I am sure there are many of us out there that can relate to this). However, as we start to think that this ad is encouraging us to stay on our beloved iPhone’s this Christmas and blissfully ignore our families, the boy shows us and his family what he has really been up to – Which is when our heartstrings our pulled..

A very nice ad from Apple showing their products can actually bring family happiness this season and share and capture memorable moments too.

Clever Idea From Nike For Smashed Phone Screens

Nike’s released photos of Anderson Silva for peoples smashed phone screens..

The video does really speak for itself so I don’t really need to explain it but I have to say I do think it is a very clever idea and I personally haven’t seen it done before. The idea comes from ad agency 9ine Sports & Entertainment who worked with Nike to promote Anderson “The Spider” Silva, MMA Champion. I think it works well and can see this idea being developed further with other brands to suite individual’s styles and interests.