A Very Different Ad For The World Cup

I stumbled across this video on Adweek and admittedly just watched it without reading the article with it, so my reaction was pure shock and I was left feeling pretty uncomfortable. Although, I believe this is a good thing as it will get viewers attention and leave them with food for thought. With so much hype around the World Cup, countries, footballers and matches it’s easy to forget or not realise the darker side to it, which I feel this PSA ad does effectively. For more information visit


It’s Hard To Believe This Ad Is For Tesco Fashion

Just under a week ago this very advert appeared on my TV screen and as soon as I looked up, I couldn’t look away until it finished. I was sat guessing which brand it was for, my guesses being BooHoo or H&M due to the on-trend clothing, beautiful models and vibrant music. It’s safe to say I was pretty gob-smacked when the F&F and Tesco logo’s popped up on to the screen!

ff clothing

Personally, I have never brought clothes from Tesco before but to be honest if I was in a Tesco and had a few minutes to spare I think I would wander over to the F&F Clothing section and have a cheeky ganders. This is all to do with this very advert and after scrolling through Tweets on Twitter it seems I’m not the only one who was surprised and enjoyed the advert too and I think we can safely predict a growing increase of interest and customers.

Over the last year Tesco’s advertising on the whole has been pretty impressive as well as their witty social media presence. I have even wrote two articles on two previous adverts, one being the “Love Every Mouthful” and the second being the incredibly funny “There’s Nothing Funny About Tesco Mobile”.

I believe their recent advertising campaigns have really made them stand out from the competition meaning people view them in a different light. One thing I am starting to really admire them for too is their social media presence, as their Twitter accounts often provide some good entertainment and banter:

tesco tweets