Poo-Pourri: Even Santa Poops

Poo-Pourri greeted the internet well and truly just over a year ago with “Girls Don’t Poop” which was quite frankly bloody hilarious and if you haven’t seen it before 1) Where have you been? 2) What you waiting for – go watch!

A couple of days ago they released a special Christmas ad, featuring the big man himself – Santa. Seeing Santa on the loo is something I think we can all safely say we did not expect to see this Christmas! I don’t think it’s quite as good as their first but it is a refreshing ad to see this time of year and definitely stands out compared to all of the other Christmas ads. It has the standard Poo-Pourri charm, with another witty script with a new edition of three posh English girls.


One Minute Briefs Advertise: #GBBO Final

Great British Bake Off Poster

The brief of the day was to advertise the final for one of the nations favourite TV shows, “The Great British Bake Off”. Using the phrase, “the gloves are off” as inspiration for the idea I came up with the line, “The gloves are nearly off” linking to oven gloves/baking and the competition nearly being over.

Mr Bean: You’re Not You When You’re Hungry

During the X-Factor on Saturday evening a brand new ad was aired for Snickers, featuring the one and only, Mr. Bean. It’s filmed in Mandarin with English subtitles featuring Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) who was last seen in an advert over 18 years ago. The suitably funny ad shows Mr. Bean as a Kung Fu master who isn’t particuarly feeling his usual self until he eats a Snickers bar.

The campaign is still using the same slogan “you’re not you when you’re hungry” and follows on from their previous advert starring Joan Collins.

I personally believe seeing Mr.Bean pop up on our TV screens being his usual clumsy self will be a welcomed occasion, although he has a slight ‘Marmite’ presence, it goes exceptionally well with the brand and style of advert. It comes from ad agency AMV BBDO, who believe Mr. Beans’ iconic and well recognised character will really boost the brand globally.

Mr. Bean Snickers




One Minute Briefs Advertise: Ventriloquists



So here are two of my entries for one of last week’s One Minute Briefs, which was to advertise Ventriloquists. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take part in many last week due to working all week but I did these one evening.

One Minute Briefs: Campaign To Keep Gibraltar British

One Minute Briefs: Campaign To Keep Gibraltar British

Wednesday 7th August, brief was to come up with a campaign to keep Gibraltar British. Here are my three entries. The first using a bit of British slang/phrase to emphasis it’s British. The second in a kind of humorous approach by having a lovely image of a beach in Gibraltar and saying it’s British, just with better weather, as this is very true! My last entry (after a little bit of research) I came up with this and made the main message emphasising that it said ‘in perpetuity’ meaning forever to show that Gibraltar is British, forever.

It was a great brief to get involved in as ‘Your Gibraltar Tv’ got involved by showing some of the entries on their website. You can see all entries here and view the great winning entry here!

One Minute Briefs: Promote The Birth Of The Royal Baby

One Minute Briefs: Promote The Birth Of The Royal Baby

This was Monday 22nd July’s brief (before the baby was born) and this was my entry. I decided to go with this because during that day everyone was going on and on about the baby; they couldn’t wait to see it, would it be a boy or a girl, what would it’s name be etc etc! So I decided to use a simple phrase to sum it up and I believe it was correct as there’s now a little royal baby boy!