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Blue Cross

The brief: Get existing donors to increase their monthly amount or convert to being regular givers, through Direct Mail.

I created two concepts in response to this brief and to view them in full please pop over to my website

Blue Cross Blue Cross

Blue Cross Blue Cross


One Minute Briefs: Promote #WorldCancerDay


A One Minute Brief to promote #WorldCancerDay.


About a month a go those potty-mouthed princesses graced the internet with their presence with FCKH8, the activist tshirt retailer. The video was pretty bold considering it featured little girls swearing like right troopers! (If you need a little reminder then head to my original post on the video.)

This time they’re tackling domestic violence with 100% of the money they get from selling the tops going to domestic violence charities. With their last video they did receive a hell of a lot of backlash, with the video even being temporarily taken off YouTube because of the swearing. However, despite that it was one of the most watched ads of October.

But how successful will this ad be with that to follow? Has the idea of little girls swearing kind of worn of now or is it still engaging and entertaining? I personally imagine it won’t be as successful in terms of views compared to the first video but it is still getting a message out there even if it does ruffle some feathers!

One Minute Brief: Create a typographic poster that reflects the 20th anniversary of comic sans

One Minute Brief: Create a typographic poster that reflects the 20th anniversary of comic sans

One Minute Briefs teamed up with ‘Comic Sans For Cancer‘ for a brief celebrating the 20th anniversary of the font we all love to hate, ‘Comic Sans’.

Comic Sans for Cancer was created by Chris Flack, Renee Quigley & Jenny Theolin and below are their words explaining exactly what it is..

We are using Comic Sans to take on cancer.

In its short history no other font has caused as much division as Comic Sans; not only does it divide opinions, but it is also a font that everyone seems to have a view on. So extreme are these views that websites have even been set up to have the font banned from use! We want to harness the energy and opinions that surround Comic Sans and show that it can have a positive effect on society. So why not put this divisive font to good use and use its 20th anniversary to raise money for cancer research.

Designers are being asked to represent what Comic Sans means to them. Do they love it or hate it? What would the world be like without the font we all love to hate? Should we wish it a happy birthday? The results will be showcased in a curated exhibition which aims to challenge the way we look at this divisive font.

It’s a fantastic project which has created a lot of conversation already and it’s creatively using a font that is despaired worldwide to actually do some good and help beat cancer. Admittedly, the graphic designer in me did not enjoy using Comic Sans one bit, to be honest with you I don’t think I have ever selected the font from the font list.. EVER. But I have to say once again it is a great project and I look forward to seeing all of the pieces of work submitted from designers and artists. To find out more details check out their beautifully designed website or give them a follow on Twitter or Like them on Facebook.