One Minute Briefs Advertise: Wrapping Paper

wrapping paper B5jLE_nCIAE3R0E

So, it appears my very first post in 2015, is my last One Minute Brief entry in 2014. Above is two entries for the brief to advertise, wrapping paper and I opted to advertise Christmas wrapping paper as we were well into the festive period.


One Minute Briefs Advertise: Christmas Trees

christmas tree

My two entries to advertise #ChristmasTrees


Some of the Christmas ads we are seeing are starting to get a little ‘samey’ I feel, after seeing endless turkeys carved with every possible trimming and side on display. However, after stumbling across this little festive ad this morning I have to say it’s refreshingly funny and unexpected from a mustard brand (I’ll be honest I’ve never heard of before).

Created by adam&eveDDB this humorous online ad encourages us to be remembered for the right reasons this Christmas, i.e giving someone the gift of premium French mustard rather than telling stories of love-making on secluded balconies in Greece. At the end of the day sex sells right? Either way it’s quite a memorable ad and definitely adds a bit of variety amongst the other festive ads out there.

Poo-Pourri: Even Santa Poops

Poo-Pourri greeted the internet well and truly just over a year ago with “Girls Don’t Poop” which was quite frankly bloody hilarious and if you haven’t seen it before 1) Where have you been? 2) What you waiting for – go watch!

A couple of days ago they released a special Christmas ad, featuring the big man himself – Santa. Seeing Santa on the loo is something I think we can all safely say we did not expect to see this Christmas! I don’t think it’s quite as good as their first but it is a refreshing ad to see this time of year and definitely stands out compared to all of the other Christmas ads. It has the standard Poo-Pourri charm, with another witty script with a new edition of three posh English girls.

One Minute Briefs: NABS

Nabs xmas card

The brief was to create thank you and/or Christmas card for NABS.

Below is some information on NABS:

Happy Christmas from NABS, it’s thanks to your support, that we are able to continue helping the industry.

“NABS is here to help improve life for those working in the world of advertising and media via the provision of advice, support and career guidance. NABS believes that by supporting people in our industry through good times and bad, we can make working life a bit easier in such a dynamic and volatile industry. Alongside financial grants NABS also offers a wide range of everyday services including career coaching, the NABS Advice Line and workshops covering a range of topics from pressure, confidence and gravitas, to parenting and work/life balance. NABS is funded entirely by voluntary donations from the media and advertising industry it supports.”

My idea/entry is a Christmas card which shows people that NABS is still there for them, even during Christmas. Showing NABS great support to the advertising and media industry whilst wishing them Happy Christmas.