Punny Packaging

pun packaging

It’s no secret that I have a guilty pleasure for puns, so when I came across these witty packaging designs from Purearth naturally, I fell in love. It’s a superb example of great design and great copywriting working together, which is guaranteed to get some attention and stand out. I don’t doubt we’ll soon see filtered photos of these bottles quickly appearing on Instagram.

pun packaging pun packaging

pun packaging pun packaging


‘The Big Brand Theory’


Just a quick one… So whilst I was procrastinating my uni work I stumbled across this on one of favourite websites: designtaxi.com. It immediately caught my eye and I thought it summed up the phrase ‘less is more’ perfectly.

The packaging looks eye catching and unique whilst still being easy to identify what brand it is. Simply zooming in on a particular area of a logo I think has provided some stunning packaging designs. It goes to show what an impact certain brands/logos have had on society and how just a snippet of a logo, people can still identify the brand simply down to the font, colours and shapes. Here is the link to the website: http://designtaxi.com/news/355195/The-Big-Brand-Theory-Repackaging-Popular-Beverage-Brands/