YCN Student Awards: Interflora

This year, working with a colleague from uni we tackled Interflora’s YCN brief, to boost awareness of Grandparents’ Day amongst younger consumers. Below are some images of the work we produced. To view the whole campaign please head over to my website..

YCN Interflora YCN Interflora

YCN Interflora YCN Interflora


Mr Bean: You’re Not You When You’re Hungry

During the X-Factor on Saturday evening a brand new ad was aired for Snickers, featuring the one and only, Mr. Bean. It’s filmed in Mandarin with English subtitles featuring Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) who was last seen in an advert over 18 years ago. The suitably funny ad shows Mr. Bean as a Kung Fu master who isn’t particuarly feeling his usual self until he eats a Snickers bar.

The campaign is still using the same slogan “you’re not you when you’re hungry” and follows on from their previous advert starring Joan Collins.

I personally believe seeing Mr.Bean pop up on our TV screens being his usual clumsy self will be a welcomed occasion, although he has a slight ‘Marmite’ presence, it goes exceptionally well with the brand and style of advert. It comes from ad agency AMV BBDO, who believe Mr. Beans’ iconic and well recognised character will really boost the brand globally.

Mr. Bean Snickers





Three’s Latest Ad

Following the success of the ‘Dancing Pony’ advert, Three have released their latest ad, ‘Sing It Kitty’, which works perfectly with their current slogan, “We all need silly stuff”. The advert from W+K London features a young girl pedalling away on her bold pink bike with her adorable kitten, whilst singing along to Starship’s hit ‘We Built This City’.

According to The Independent, W+K London was counting on the nations crazy obsession with cats to make this ad a success! Which statistics really do back up: “According to figures released by Three yesterday, the British public posts more than 3.8 million pictures of cats every day, compared to only 1.4 million selfies.

Finally, the stats also revealed around 350,000 people in the UK have social media accounts set up for their cats, although why is another question entirely.”

Plus, the numbers do speak for themselves as just 5 days after being released #SingItKitty has received over 2.6 million views on YouTube.

Now to be honest with you I am not really a cat lover (animals altogether tbh) BUT I did enjoy watching this, as it is entertaining and shot brilliantly. Although, when I did first catch a glance of it on T.V. (before I knew it was for Three), it did remind me of the original GoldieBlox advert (which btw if you haven’t seen it is worth a watch too). Finally, incase some of you were unaware you can visit and create a personalised video featuring you and the cat – which is actually a real cat by the way!

Overall hats off to you, Three & W+K London!


Sony Scatter 8 Million Petals From A Volcano

*Change the quality to 1080p HD, before watching*

Sony’s Latest Ad, Promoting Their 4K TV’s.

An absolutely stunning advert from Sony, that you can only truly enjoy at the maximum quality. With the combination of high quality film and good music choice, it makes it hard not to enjoy. The impressive ad was shot in Costa Rica and comes from ad agency McCann London.

Although, it has been pointed out that it is very similar to previous Sony adverts such as the “Sony Bravia Balls Ad” which was actually done by a different agency, Fallon. As well as the “Sony Paint” ad.


Halfords ‘Cheaper Than A Favour’ Campaign

Above is one of the three ads, which are part of Halford’s latest campaign. My other favourite one is the acupuncture one! The series of ad’s show that no favour is ever really for free and we might regret saying, “Let me know how If I can return the favour”.

Pretty humorous ads from ad agency Mother, which do speak a lot of truth and make Halford’s a much more appealing option!

Samsung Galaxy: The Developer

Featuring Lionel Messi and Lorde’s song ‘Royals’

The latest ad from Samsung for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear, is told from a child’s perspective and tells a touching and charming story. Initially, when the ad started I was a little unsure of what was going on as it appeared the man in the suite (Messi) was destroying the children’s dull town but once it is all revealed it is pretty heart warming!

Gorgeous Autumn/Winter 2013 Ad From Debenhams


New Ad Featuring Music From Artist, Foxes.

I have to say I was impressed after seeing Debenhams latest advert being shown during The X-Factor last weekend. What caught my attention most were the music that accompanied it and the artistic fashion styled illustrations shown throughout. I personally felt it really stood out compared to previous adverts as well as competitors campaigns, such as M&S.

If you did take an interest to the music like myself it was artist, Foxes and the song is called ‘Youth’.

The overall ad has a very ‘up-market’ and glamorous feel to it, due to the styling, models and locations. I think the individual illustrations shown for some of the ‘Designers at Debenhams’ make the ad much more striking, enjoyable and memorable. Plus, I feel it makes the clothing more appealing and of a higher quality as we get to see what’s made to look like original sketches of the clothing from the designers.

The ad will also be accompanied with print and online material. Credits to ad agency JWT London and Creative Director, Russell Ramsey.