YCN Student Awards: Interflora

This year, working with a colleague from uni we tackled Interflora’s YCN brief, to boost awareness of Grandparents’ Day amongst younger consumers. Below are some images of the work we produced. To view the whole campaign please head over to my website..

YCN Interflora YCN Interflora

YCN Interflora YCN Interflora


Odd Love Story Ad From Interflora

Despite this ad being for Denmark it has captured attention from all around the world, with a charming but odd love story which has a surprising twist. The ad shows the love a gothic boy has for a popular preppy girl. But I’ll honestly admit, (along with a large percentage of others who have watched this ad) I did not expect the ending. What’s also great is there is no dialogue in the advert at all which makes it universally appealing and who doesn’t love a good love story? It was also refreshing not to see a bouquet of flowers feature in the advert either, which I imagine was a risk for a florist brand to take but I believe this makes the brand even more appealing and the ad more charming.

Sony Scatter 8 Million Petals From A Volcano

*Change the quality to 1080p HD, before watching*

Sony’s Latest Ad, Promoting Their 4K TV’s.

An absolutely stunning advert from Sony, that you can only truly enjoy at the maximum quality. With the combination of high quality film and good music choice, it makes it hard not to enjoy. The impressive ad was shot in Costa Rica and comes from ad agency McCann London.

Although, it has been pointed out that it is very similar to previous Sony adverts such as the “Sony Bravia Balls Ad” which was actually done by a different agency, Fallon. As well as the “Sony Paint” ad.