A Very Different Ad For The World Cup

I stumbled across this video on Adweek and admittedly just watched it without reading the article with it, so my reaction was pure shock and I was left feeling pretty uncomfortable. Although, I believe this is a good thing as it will get viewers attention and leave them with food for thought. With so much hype around the World Cup, countries, footballers and matches it’s easy to forget or not realise the darker side to it, which I feel this PSA ad does effectively. For more information visit


One Minute Brief Advertise: Wayne Rooney

One Minute Brief Advertise: Wayne Rooney

This was yesterdays brief and admittedly I did struggle initially as I’m not much of a football fan and don’t really follow whats going on. Though I was aware Wayne Rooney had a decision to make and it was between Man U or Chelsea FC?

They’re not my best work but they literally just show Rooney in the middle of the two colours/logos looking a tad confused and one slogan saying, “Times Ticking” and the other “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe?” maybe *slightly* cheeky as it suggests he isn’t the smartest, but oh well!

If You Can’t Play Manage



These are the adverts released for The Sun’s new campaign for their ‘Dream Team Fantasy Football League’. It comes from ad agency Grey London and uses very humorous and well-shot images, which gets peoples attention. It’s a funny ad but lets be honest, it speaks some truth and I’m sure will relate to some people out there and encourage people to give their fantasy football league a go!

The New Speed Of Light

Here is Adida’s latest advert, which is extremely visually striking and engaging. It features footballer Leo Messi in/with a LED suit, boots and football, which was to not only show his skills on the pitch but also highlight the ‘light in motion’ of the Adizero f50 Messi boots.

I personally really like it, as I feel it’s a refreshing and exciting way to promote a new pair of football boots. Also, the visual elements work great with music as well, which makes it a very enjoyable watch.

It was created by agency, Iris and has already got way over 2 million views on YouTube!