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Girl Fakes Period In New HelloFlo Ad

HelloFlo are back with another hilarious advert. If you didn’t see their last advert around a year ago then you must go and watch it too as it’s equally as funny – I even wrote a post on it!

The ad is comical genius and as they regularly use the word period/vagina/uterus it makes the whole topic a little less taboo and squeamish! It’s obviously very “American” styled but at the end of the day you can’t help but laugh, plus it helps promotes HelloFlo’s subscription package service in a very memorable way.


Top 5 Ads of 2013

Top 5 Ads of 2013

From Girls Not Pooping to Real Beauty Sketches to Shipping Your Pants..

Here are my own personal ‘Top 5 Ads of 2013’, some are because of how effective and successful they were whereas others are simply because they made me laugh and I still refer back to them months later.

1. Camp Gyno: Hello Flo

This video was released online in July and quickly picked up views and got people talking. I have to say I was truly speechless when I watched it for the first time as it was like nothing I had seen before, which is now why I love it! – which may sound a bit weird in the context of what it is advertising (period gift boxes – yep you read right!), but it’s so memorable and of course humorous.

2. Dove Real Beauty Sketches

An ad I am sure you have all seen/heard of which initially seems a tad long but it is definitely worth watching it all, as the results are pretty shocking. Uploaded on to YouTube in April it has over 61 million views, which is seriously impressive for an ad and there is a reason why.. just simply watch it!

3. Guinness: Basketball

As always Guinness creating some of the best adverts of all time and this one is no exception. One that really does pull on your heart strings and shows true friendship.

4. I Just Shipped My Pants

This Kmart ad has had people talking all year, as you can’t help but smile a little inside the first time you watch it. The play on words is a classic and now has over 20 million views which is pretty extraordinary since before the video was released their other videos got around a couple hundred thousand views at most, so it’s a massive jump!

5. Girls Don’t Poop

Another advert that caught me completely of guard and I am still not quite sure what to say about it or how to describe, it simply needs to be watched!

So there we have it, my Top 5 Ads of 2013. Don’t get me wrong there were plenty of others that should or could have been included especially some of the fantastic Christmas adverts that were released but these 5 are some of the most memorable ones to me.