Seattle-based photographer Brittany Wright‘s photography instantly grabbed my attention, as I have a weakness for great food photography and when it’s perfectly positioned my inner ocd nag, is delighted. Quite simply, her #FoodGradients photography is beautiful.




colorful-food-arrangement-photography-foodgradients-brittany-wright-16-605x605 colorful-food-arrangement-photography-foodgradients-brittany-wright-1-605x605




Fifty Shades of Adverts

I doubt there’s very few people who haven’t heard of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ – which is probably one of the most anticipated films being released this year. The book/movie and especially the trailer has acted as inspiration for a number of new adverts which have gradually made an appearance with the big day getting closer and closer.

Lego Trailer

Vanessa Bayer & Audi


Trojan Condoms


 OPI Fifty Shades of Grey



 Adventure World

 Adventure World Fifty Shades of Grey


Dominos  Fifty Shades of Grey

 Marc New York


Make of them what you will.. However, some did leave me cringing and pretty much speechless – talking about you Sportsbet! 

One Minute Briefs: Poster for Alem Foundation & Powering Good

Sarah Long - Alem Foundation, KriticalMass, Powering Good

One Minute Briefs teamed up with The Alem Foundation and Powering Good to create a poster which shows how ‘Overcoming obstacles makes you stronger’. The Alem Foundation seeks to provide opportunities to underprivileged children in Ghana. Born from the passion of Alem Mumuni – Ghana’s 1st ever Paralympic cyclist. The full brief and more information is on the One Minute Brief website.

Above is my entry for the brief showing you don’t just need to be physically strong to overcome lives obstacles but also mentally strong.

One Minute Briefs Advertise: The Ad Pad Plain

The Ad Pad Plain

The brief was to advertise The Ad Pad Plain. The Ad Pad produce a variety of sketch pads designed specifically for ad creatives. There latest pad doesn’t have a border plus on the back are inspirational quotes from illustrators and typographers. I based my entry around the idea that sometimes staring at a blank piece of paper can be quite uninspiring but with The Ad Pad Plain simply turn that little pad over and bam – let the inspiration hit you! Check out The Ad Pads website here if you wanna look at the whole range of pads!



Website Recommendation

I stumbled across what feels like years ago now just by chance, but since then I’m a frequent visitor. It contains images of photography, design, illustrations, packaging, art, graphic design, photography, fashion, gadgets, architecture, and cars. The list goes on.

It’s the perfect website to visit if you’ve got a couple minutes to kill or in need of inspiration or to just enjoy and appreciate good work.

Above are just a few images from the website to get a little taster!

found_01.r3000 (1)


Hope You Enjoy!