Life Is Better With Cake

Mr Kipling Cake Mr Kipling Cake Mr Kipling Cake Mr Kipling Cake

Mr Kipling has launched an exceedingly good series of creative print ads, using their philosophy ‘life is better with cake’. The campaign features iconic Mr Kipling cakes and reminds us, how even those little everyday moments are made better with a piece of delicious cake. The campaign comes from JWT and David Masterman, a creative director at JWT explains how the campaigns aim was to simply “celebrate Mr Kipling’s wonderful little cakes”.


The Car Chase From Kit Kat

Kit Kat’s Latest Advert

I spotted this new ad this morning on Facebook, curious as ever I obviously watched it. At first I was a little unsure I mean we’ve all seen car chases involving cops and robbers in many films and ads before, right? But I have to say I did really enjoy the ending. I’m sure many of us guessed what was going to happen, that at some point they were going to stop for “a break” but I really did love the humour used amongst the characters as it made it much more enjoyable and entertaining.

The ad was only uploaded yesterday by Kit Kat on to their YouTube account so I am sure we will be seeing it on our T.V screens very shortly. It’s their first T.V ad since 2011 when they had the “crane” ad. The agency behind the campaign is JWT, who have been with Kit Kat since the brand started. Kit Kat have definitely come back with good funny ad, reminding us we all need to take a break every now and then!