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pun packaging

It’s no secret that I have a guilty pleasure for puns, so when I came across these witty packaging designs from Purearth naturally, I fell in love. It’s a superb example of great design and great copywriting working together, which is guaranteed to get some attention and stand out. I don’t doubt we’ll soon see filtered photos of these bottles quickly appearing on Instagram.

pun packaging pun packaging

pun packaging pun packaging




Website Recommendation

I stumbled across what feels like years ago now just by chance, but since then I’m a frequent visitor. It contains images of photography, design, illustrations, packaging, art, graphic design, photography, fashion, gadgets, architecture, and cars. The list goes on.

It’s the perfect website to visit if you’ve got a couple minutes to kill or in need of inspiration or to just enjoy and appreciate good work.

Above are just a few images from the website to get a little taster!

found_01.r3000 (1)


Hope You Enjoy!