Punny Packaging

pun packaging

It’s no secret that I have a guilty pleasure for puns, so when I came across these witty packaging designs from Purearth naturally, I fell in love. It’s a superb example of great design and great copywriting working together, which is guaranteed to get some attention and stand out. I don’t doubt we’ll soon see filtered photos of these bottles quickly appearing on Instagram.

pun packaging pun packaging

pun packaging pun packaging




Website Recommendation

I stumbled across what feels like years ago now just by chance, but since then I’m a frequent visitor. It contains images of photography, design, illustrations, packaging, art, graphic design, photography, fashion, gadgets, architecture, and cars. The list goes on.

It’s the perfect website to visit if you’ve got a couple minutes to kill or in need of inspiration or to just enjoy and appreciate good work.

Above are just a few images from the website to get a little taster!

found_01.r3000 (1)


Hope You Enjoy!

Coco-Cola, Still Sharing!

I think everyone is pretty aware that for the last few years Coca-Cola’s main goal has been to encourage people to “share happiness”. They have had many campaigns to promote this with their most recent, having 150 of Great Britain’s most popular names printed on bottles, with the slogan of “share a coke”. They have developed this idea of sharing further after realising that people couldn’t share a can of Coca-Cola.

So they produced and made the ‘Coca Cola Sharing Can’ which is a normal sized can that can be twisted apart which makes two smaller cans – perfect to share with someone else!? Unfortunately, only a few of these cans were made and were only available in Singapore so we won’t be able to get our hands on them here. But is this a realistic option that could take off or do we prefer having a can all to ourselves rather then sharing?..

‘The Big Brand Theory’


Just a quick one… So whilst I was procrastinating my uni work I stumbled across this on one of favourite websites: It immediately caught my eye and I thought it summed up the phrase ‘less is more’ perfectly.

The packaging looks eye catching and unique whilst still being easy to identify what brand it is. Simply zooming in on a particular area of a logo I think has provided some stunning packaging designs. It goes to show what an impact certain brands/logos have had on society and how just a snippet of a logo, people can still identify the brand simply down to the font, colours and shapes. Here is the link to the website: