Girl Fakes Period In New HelloFlo Ad

HelloFlo are back with another hilarious advert. If you didn’t see their last advert around a year ago then you must go and watch it too as it’s equally as funny – I even wrote a post on it!

The ad is comical genius and as they regularly use the word period/vagina/uterus it makes the whole topic a little less taboo and squeamish! It’s obviously very “American” styled but at the end of the day you can’t help but laugh, plus it helps promotes HelloFlo’s subscription package service in a very memorable way.


One Minute Brief: Advertise Tampons

One Minute Brief: Advertise Tampons

Yesterdays ‘One Minute Brief‘ was to advertise tampons, which yes at first I was pretty speechless about I have to say. It took me a little while to come up with an idea or two but as soon as I had, the creative juices soon started flowing – which is what I love about these One Minute Briefs. Here are the two entries I did. One being a very girly approach will the use of pink and a script font. But there is something quite disturbing about having a vector tampon floating on the design I have to say! The other approach was much more humorous and concentrated more on the affect ‘that time of the month’ has on men. On the whole really enjoyed this brief – even if it was very unexpected!