YCN Student Awards: Interflora

This year, working with a colleague from uni we tackled Interflora’s YCN brief, to boost awareness of Grandparents’ Day amongst younger consumers. Below are some images of the work we produced. To view the whole campaign please head over to my website..

YCN Interflora YCN Interflora

YCN Interflora YCN Interflora


One Minute Briefs: Promote #WorldCancerDay


A One Minute Brief to promote #WorldCancerDay.

One Minute Briefs Advertise: The Social Sasquatch

Social Sasquatch

My One Minute Brief entry to advertise the social media services of The Social Sasquatch.

“The Social Sasquatch team offer support to businesses and organisations that want to market themselves on Facebook and Twitter (and a range of other platforms). We specialise in supporting experiential marketing campaigns and brand activations, where we amplify campaigns through a range of social media channels by creating fresh, exciting, original content that people want to share! We also offer support for other live events such as conferences, music festivals and sporting events.”

For more info on The Social Sasquatch check out their Twitter or Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 15.05.55

One Minute Briefs Advertise: #BAFTA2015

BAFTA 2015

My entry for a One Minute Brief to advertise #BAFTA2015.

Surrey Police Tell Three and Virgin Holidays To #BragWhenBack

Surrey Police Tweet To Three and Virgin Holidays

Last month we saw the launch of Three’s latest campaign #HolidaySpam. It spread across social media rapidly receiving a lot of attention. It was all in aid to advertise they’re new service “Feel At Home” (which allows users to use there phone as normal in 16 specific locations) they came up with a nifty idea that encourages people to boast and share images of their holidays even more.

As well as the video being shared on social media, multiple images appeared to..

Three Holiday Spam Print Ad


Whilst everyone was lapping up and enjoying Three’s social media presence with the campaign, Virgin Holidays weren’t too keen and created a witty response to the “Sorry for the spam” ads:

Virgin Holidays Don't Be Sorry

Their response tells viewers not to be sorry for their holiday spam images and they should “#ShowOff with pride”. Designed in a very similar style to the Three ad’s and using typical holiday images of selfies, pools and hot dog legs whilst naturally having a good splash of red in there to.

Three acknowledged Virgin Holidays efforts by whipping up this response:

Three Tweet Virgin Holidays
























It all got rather exciting then just when we all thought the dust was settling Surrey Police appeared with their very own response to both brands, telling both of them as well as the public that it’s best to #BragWhenBack.

Surrey Police #BragWhenBack

As much as I loved the exciting campaign from Three and the witty responses from Virgin Holidays I really admire Surrey Police’s response, although it may not be as well designed (which is to be expected I guess) it speaks a lot of truth and is probably a bit of a wake up call to many people across social media who have been sharing their #HolidaySpam images, which effectively tells everyone they are not at home – especially burglars!

Surrey Police Tweet

One Minute Briefs Advertise: Campaign for #OMBLIVE2



The guys at One Minute Briefs are organising the next #OMB event and are deciding on the location.. whether for it to be held in Manchester, London or Birmingham. The brief for the day was to create a campaign to get #OMBLIVE2 in your preferred city. Above was my entry for London – I feel it’s only right the next OMB Live event gets held in the capital of the country 😉 

Paddy Power Mishchief



Some of my ideas for a Paddy Power brief, which was to come up with stunt ideas for a number of future sporting events where Paddy Power could create mischief and get the media talking! To see all of my ideas please visit my Behance Portfolio