One Minute Briefs Advertise: #BAFTA2015

BAFTA 2015

My entry for a One Minute Brief to advertise #BAFTA2015.



About a month a go those potty-mouthed princesses graced the internet with their presence with FCKH8, the activist tshirt retailer. The video was pretty bold considering it featured little girls swearing like right troopers! (If you need a little reminder then head to my original post on the video.)

This time they’re tackling domestic violence with 100% of the money they get from selling the tops going to domestic violence charities. With their last video they did receive a hell of a lot of backlash, with the video even being temporarily taken off YouTube because of the swearing. However, despite that it was one of the most watched ads of October.

But how successful will this ad be with that to follow? Has the idea of little girls swearing kind of worn of now or is it still engaging and entertaining? I personally imagine it won’t be as successful in terms of views compared to the first video but it is still getting a message out there even if it does ruffle some feathers!

‘I Just Shipped My Pants’

Kmart released this advert roughly about a month ago and since then it has got over 16million views on YouTube, which is a lot considering their previous adverts on their channel had only received just under 150,000 views! Technically the idea and concept behind the advert is pretty simple as it’s literally a play on words/ a good pun. Initially, when you first watch it, the dialogue does surprise, as you just don’t expect it from an advert, which is why it works so well. It’s catchy and memorable which is essential for an advert and it has definitely given Kmart much more publicity.

Like most popular adverts it has received mixed views as some people find it quite vulgar. However, myself on the other hand absolutely love it because it is such a simple idea of a play on of words plus I think they casted all the actors well especially the old couple.