One Minute Briefs Advertise: Barbecues



A One Minute Brief from last week to advertise barbecues. I went with the notion that it’s generally men who use barbecues which gives women the perfect excuse to get out of the kitchen and let them do the cooking! 


A Very Different Ad For The World Cup

I stumbled across this video on Adweek and admittedly just watched it without reading the article with it, so my reaction was pure shock and I was left feeling pretty uncomfortable. Although, I believe this is a good thing as it will get viewers attention and leave them with food for thought. With so much hype around the World Cup, countries, footballers and matches it’s easy to forget or not realise the darker side to it, which I feel this PSA ad does effectively. For more information visit Tender.org.uk

Girl Fakes Period In New HelloFlo Ad

HelloFlo are back with another hilarious advert. If you didn’t see their last advert around a year ago then you must go and watch it too as it’s equally as funny – I even wrote a post on it!

The ad is comical genius and as they regularly use the word period/vagina/uterus it makes the whole topic a little less taboo and squeamish! It’s obviously very “American” styled but at the end of the day you can’t help but laugh, plus it helps promotes HelloFlo’s subscription package service in a very memorable way.

Are You Trying Too Hard On Social Media?

Ever wondered whether you’re trying too hard or not trying hard enough when it comes to your posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Well now thanks to Axe you can find out..

Axe (known as Lynx here in the U.K) has created a smart website called the Social Effort Scale, which analyses your social media posts and calculates your efforts. The video itself explains the whole process and background story with a good use of humour. It’s also pretty hard to not cringe when they list common hashtags used by guys, as I am pretty sure we have all seen these hashtags more than once on Instagram!

The Social Effort Scale is part of the campaign launch of Axe’s new Matte Effect line of hair products (in case you were wondering?). Apart from being pretty interesting I have to say the whole design of the website is seriously impressive, plus it’s dead easy to navigate and has all sorts of different areas to explore.
Unfortunately, my scores were not the best when it came to Instagram, scoring +369, which basically means I am trying far too hard – ooops! When it came to Twitter my score was a little lower being, +281 and it made it clear I didn’t try hard enough with some of my Tweets although a number of them were regarded as effortless..

So, if you fancy finding out your own scores then pop over to the Social Effort Scale to discover and explore how you’re doing on social media!

One Minute Brief Advertise: Feminism, Winner!

One Minute Brief Advertise: Feminism, Winner!

One of the briefs this week was to advertise feminism. I decided to create a copy-based advert around common connotations relating to ‘feminism’. See the other winners from this brief here.

Women’s Day #ThroughGlass

Some of you may have already seen this video – I wouldn’t be surprised either since it has gone viral after being uploaded to YouTube last week. However, it is vital if you haven’t seen it, you watch the whole thing through – this is pretty essential and worth it.

Using the advanced technology we have full access to do with ‘Google Glass’, this video takes you on a journey of any *normal* woman. She gets up, gets dressed, meets friends, etc etc. But her end doesn’t end quite how you would expect it to.

Like most videos or campaigns tackling this subject, it is always going to get mixed reviews especially as it is so bold and makes you feel very uncomfortable to watch – which is obviously the point as it provokes a reaction.

On a personal note I think it works fairly well because it does catch you out (obviously not as much if you know what to expect or have heard about it) but the footage of violence and sounds at the end makes it uncomfortable and for some almost unbearable to watch. However, it is a strong reminder of exactly what many women still face today, not matter how advanced our technology now is.

If you were wondering, a group of creatives in London created the video, though Google was not involved in it at all.

Tweezer Ad Concept


This ad concept is based on a One Minute Brief to advertise Tweezers, from a few months ago. See my original entry here. As you will be able to see not much changed, I just altered the design and added a brand, “Models Own” to make it look more realistic.