Punny Packaging

pun packaging

It’s no secret that I have a guilty pleasure for puns, so when I came across these witty packaging designs from Purearth naturally, I fell in love. It’s a superb example of great design and great copywriting working together, which is guaranteed to get some attention and stand out. I don’t doubt we’ll soon see filtered photos of these bottles quickly appearing on Instagram.

pun packaging pun packaging

pun packaging pun packaging


Copywriting Exercise: The Guardian

Copywriting Exercise: The Guardian

A copywriting exercise I did at university, which involved being given a specific newspaper and buying a number of copies during a week. Then cutting out all the headlines and sub-headings and laying them out on a table.
We were then told we would use these headlines to create adverts that would advertise our newspaper. This meant we would have the right tone of voice and language for our ads that would appeal to the readers of the newspaper. Obviously, we were allowed to tweak them a little to make them into adverts. For example, one of my ad’s reads “The Deadly Right To Carry A Guardian” but it originally was “The Deadly Right To Carry A Gun”.
It was up to us if we wanted to develop them further so I decided to create them digitally but kept the design minimal by using the shade of blue from The Guardian’s logo and a white sans-serif type. I wanted to keep it minimal as the copy was really the main element of these ads and felt the words would be strong enough on their own.

We Are Surge. Fancy Being An Editor?

Surge Final Design


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If you have read my ‘About Me‘ page you’ll know I’m a Creative Editor at We Are Surge, which is a website for 13 to 19 year olds who live in the Surrey (UK) area and enjoy blogging/writing. There are a group of editors which focus on specific areas and have titles including: food, music, art, technology etc. But you can just make an account and start posts on gadgets, sports, gaming, technology, fashion, beauty, traveling, music, art, design, etc the list is pretty endless!!

Here is a link to an article I recently wrote and designed on why you should get involved. So please do have a read and get involved if you are interested! (It’s great for your CV/experience) Though feel free to have a look on the website and check it frequently as new posts are uploaded daily, plus it’s a great source to discover the latest news/trends/entertainment etc etc!


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