One Minute Briefs Advertise: CBB Furniture on Gumtree

cbb gumtree

My One Minute Brief entry to advertise the Celebrity Big Brother furniture for sale on Gumtree.

“ The UK’s largest classifieds website, is today announcing the sale of over 40 items of furniture from the current Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house, the proceeds of which will go to Crisis, the charity for single homeless people. The move comes as part of Gumtree’s sponsorship of the hit Channel 5 TV show, which also features a series of creative idents of talking furniture.”

View the furniture for yourself here: Or if you’re feeling more sociable check out their Facebook and Twitter page. Finally, view the other entries for this brief or have a ganders at the winning entry which also won £250!


One Minute Briefs Advertise: 10 years of @PrintedCupCo

printed cup company 2 printed cup company

One Minute Brief to advertise 10 years of business for the Printed Cup Company.

“The Printed Cup Company is committed to providing quality UK manufactured paper cups and delivering the highest standard of customer service in our industry. We promote an environmental awareness towards our products through our customers, continually striving to explore new ways to achieve sustainable products.”

View the rest of the entries for the brief on the OMB website.

One Minute Briefs: NABS

Nabs xmas card

The brief was to create thank you and/or Christmas card for NABS.

Below is some information on NABS:

Happy Christmas from NABS, it’s thanks to your support, that we are able to continue helping the industry.

“NABS is here to help improve life for those working in the world of advertising and media via the provision of advice, support and career guidance. NABS believes that by supporting people in our industry through good times and bad, we can make working life a bit easier in such a dynamic and volatile industry. Alongside financial grants NABS also offers a wide range of everyday services including career coaching, the NABS Advice Line and workshops covering a range of topics from pressure, confidence and gravitas, to parenting and work/life balance. NABS is funded entirely by voluntary donations from the media and advertising industry it supports.”

My idea/entry is a Christmas card which shows people that NABS is still there for them, even during Christmas. Showing NABS great support to the advertising and media industry whilst wishing them Happy Christmas.

Top 5 Brands Dominating The Ice Bucket Challenge


In the last few weeks we have seen the latest social media phenomenon, ‘The Ice Bucket Challenge’ fill up our feeds. Whether it’s celebrities, friends or your very self getting involved, it’s hard not to check Facebook without seeing a video pop up. Gradually, more and more brands have been getting involved, grabbing our attention and trying to put their very own stamp on the challenge. Out of all the videos I have seen below are 5, which really stood our for me. Some due to their creativeness and others simply because I wasn’t expecting it.

1. Old Spice

Old Spice, who pretty much dominate viral videos naturally got in on the action, with a classic response.

2.  Ronald McDonald

Nothing too wacky about this one apart from the fact it’s kind of weird seeing Ronald McDonald tipping water over his head.

3. Samsung Galaxy S5

I think this one is quite possibly my favourite. It’s short and sweet, with very witty copy.

4. Bill Gates

Ok so maybe not a brand per-say but still a great video, that took the ice bucket challenge just that little further.

5. The Simpsons

The Simpsons version cropped up online shortly after Kermit the Frog completed the ice bucket challenge. Already it has got people talking and is quickly becoming a favourite, especially with the many Simpson’s fans out there.


Despite the controvosy and mixed views around the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, it has raised an incredible amount of money. Obviously, many celebrities and brands are using this social media craze to their own free PR advantage, but either way it’s all for a great cause that continues to raise more and more money.

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Surrey Police Tell Three and Virgin Holidays To #BragWhenBack

Surrey Police Tweet To Three and Virgin Holidays

Last month we saw the launch of Three’s latest campaign #HolidaySpam. It spread across social media rapidly receiving a lot of attention. It was all in aid to advertise they’re new service “Feel At Home” (which allows users to use there phone as normal in 16 specific locations) they came up with a nifty idea that encourages people to boast and share images of their holidays even more.

As well as the video being shared on social media, multiple images appeared to..

Three Holiday Spam Print Ad


Whilst everyone was lapping up and enjoying Three’s social media presence with the campaign, Virgin Holidays weren’t too keen and created a witty response to the “Sorry for the spam” ads:

Virgin Holidays Don't Be Sorry

Their response tells viewers not to be sorry for their holiday spam images and they should “#ShowOff with pride”. Designed in a very similar style to the Three ad’s and using typical holiday images of selfies, pools and hot dog legs whilst naturally having a good splash of red in there to.

Three acknowledged Virgin Holidays efforts by whipping up this response:

Three Tweet Virgin Holidays
























It all got rather exciting then just when we all thought the dust was settling Surrey Police appeared with their very own response to both brands, telling both of them as well as the public that it’s best to #BragWhenBack.

Surrey Police #BragWhenBack

As much as I loved the exciting campaign from Three and the witty responses from Virgin Holidays I really admire Surrey Police’s response, although it may not be as well designed (which is to be expected I guess) it speaks a lot of truth and is probably a bit of a wake up call to many people across social media who have been sharing their #HolidaySpam images, which effectively tells everyone they are not at home – especially burglars!

Surrey Police Tweet

Men vs. Women at Work

Interesting Ad From Pantene’s #WhipIt Campaign.

This advert from Pantene Philippines really caught my attention when I watched it, as it’s a very powerful campaign, which highlights men and women’s behaviour related to work and how different they can appear.

It was very refreshing to see this kind of ad from a hair care brand, as it is probably the first time I have watched an ad that didn’t involve an attractive women or celebrity flicking their shiny hair at the camera.

The copy at the end sums it up well by saying, “Don’t let labels hold you back. Be strong and shine.”, which obviously links to the Pantene brand, with the words strong and shine.